The Outer Worlds Patch 1.2 Fixes AI Character Issues, Lighting, And Other Technical Problems

New The Outer Worlds patch now available for Switch

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Oct 2020

Today a new patch has been released for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch. Patch 1.2 will address numerous issues ranging from AI problems to technical improvements.

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Features included in this update:

Implemented a half-resolution SSAO

Implemented Clouds in Skybox

Replace SSR with SphereReflectionCapture

Disabled subsurface profile shading

Added Depth of Field to Conversation Camera


Changes and Fixes included in this update:

Limited the max instance count for sounds to improve CPU performance

Adjusted the volume threshold for sounds to improve CPU performance

Packed textures to save memory

Optimized materials for the environment and terrain

Optimized and added more vegetation to the world

Added details to the world buildings

Used normal map textures instead of triangles for objects

Re-designed some buildings

Meshes rebuilt for improved visuals

Lightmap texture streaming rebuilt

Fixed character AI issues

Improved the streaming performance to fix the building dark issues players experienced and some texture blur issues


The Outer Worlds is now available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

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