Friday the 13th: The Game Servers Shutting Down This Month

The final update for Friday the 13th: The Game coming soon

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Nov 2020

Due to a troublesome legal issue outside developer Illfonic's control, Friday the 13th: The Game post-launch content was stopped. Illfonic has moved to Predator: Hunting Grounds but many fans still enjoy their Jason-filled killing adventure. However, the game is officially shutting down this month after 1 final patch.

Friday the 13th: The game,NoobFeed,

IGN reported: 

The final patch will fix " a long list of player issues," and finalized patch notes will be made available a week prior to the update going live. Furthermore, the official forums for the game will be archived in a locked state, and game's social channels will be "switching to a more minimal approach, keeping our social media channels active for any necessary announcements only."

The game can still be played through Quick Play and Private Matches with Database Servers still housing progressing and unlocks.

This is unfortunate as the game was popular among fans. Despite the lack of content many found hiding from Jason or taking control of the killer to be a thrill.

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