Watch Dogs Legion 2.0 Patch Resolves Many Issues, Including Crashing Problems

Watch Dogs Legion get a new patch

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Nov 2020

Watch Dogs Legion launched with a lot of problems. The most predominant being crashing during specific sections and graphical problems. Patch 2.0 will attempt to solve many of these issues.

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The patch fixes are all listed below:


Optimized HDR support to reduce flickering experienced in specific conditions.

Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect cinematic to play after choosing one of the options in the “More Human Than Human” mission.

Fixed an issue that could cause cinematics to miss characters and sound when starting the cinematic with a ranged weapon equipped.

Fixed an issue that could cause personal drones to not have the proper UI indicator showing their location when being called.

Fixed an issue that caused audio files to not automatically play when being picked up.

Fixed an issue causing enemy Rusher archetypes to constantly shout. A bit too chatty, innit?

Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite loading screen when swapping operatives near the Buckingham Palace.

Fixed an issue that could cause the hacking puzzle to become stuck after using the Viral Hacking ability during the “The Face of the Enemy” mission.

Fixed an issue that could cause the operative to hold a gun during the “In Full Blume” mission cinematic when interacting with the objective marker while having certain weapons drawn.

Fixed an issue that could cause an operative to get stuck in a looping animation after equipping the LTL APGL weapon.

Fixed an issue causing the hologram of the Leopard Mask to appear behind the operative instead of the glass of the mask.

Fixed an issue that could cause the credits to roll before the loading screen had finished. Roll credits!


Fixed crash that could occur when starting a new game.

Fixed certain graphical glitches occurring when frequently switching between the loadout menu of operatives in the team app.

Corrected the photo sharing hashtag to now be #WatchDogsLegion. Show us your pictures, DedSec!

Xbox One

Fixed an issue that could cause player characters and NPCs to become pixelated in the “Battersea” area.

Fixed an issue that could prevent players from receiving the “Oral History” achievement

Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when deleting a selected photo from the gallery app.


Fixed graphical corruption that occurred during the “The Harvest” mission cinematic.

Clarified the exit prompt when closing the game on Stadia.

Ubisoft Connect

Fixed an issue that caused the “Historian”, “Discoverer” and “Collector” challenges to not unlock.

Fixed an issue where Ubisoft Connect challenges did not complete for Stadia players.


Fixed an issue that caused placeholder art to show in the HUD after purchasing cosmetic items from the in-game store.

Fixed an issue causing the shoulder piece of the Space DJ outfit to stick out.

Fixed a clipping issue on the female version of Marcus’ Jacket.

Fixed missing shoulder pads and breast pocket on the Spy Pack Jacket.

Fixed hologram issues for the King of the Jungle and Viper masks.


The GPS marker will now continue to show until players enter the mission location when using auto-drive to travel to the mission area.

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