Pokemon Go Restores Bonuses To Curb COVID-19

Players will retain mechanics that encourage social distancing.

By Fragnarok, Posted 24 Nov 2020

Niantic has announced that they will bring back the Pokemon Go adjustments first instated at the start of the COIV-19 pandemic. Back in March, game mechanics were changed to allow egg hatching at short distances, increased items at PokeStops, and increased Pokemon spawns. All of this allowed players to still enjoy an augmented reality catching experience, while reducing the need to travel and possibly spread the virus. Not only will the previous bonuses be granted, but additional changes include increased gifts from buddy Pokemon, boosted incense, and the ability Gym raid from further away.

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The original patch was met with high praise and a spike in both player counts and revenue. But, back in September of this year Niantic decided to disable these features and rollback to the original settings. This choice had a strong backlash, especially as cases of COVID-19 started to spike in several countries like the United States. The reinstatement will last until at least June 2021, and Niantic will make an update announcement a month before they roll back again.

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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