Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 Arrives December 8th

Futures Rewritten will continue Shadowbringers’ storyline.

By Fragnarok, Posted 28 Nov 2020

Squar Enix has released a new subsite and trailer for Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.4, dubbed “Futures Rewritten”. The update is slated for a December 8th release. Players that have completed the Shadowbringers expansion will find new plot related main story quests, potentially with some setup for the next expansion. Released footage shows that long time NPC Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn will be assisting players as an instanced party member. Her Musketeer job class was planned for version 1.0 of the game but was ultimately not implemented; only the class’ guild stands in Limsa Liminsa. Other updates in the expansion include the conclusion of the Eden raid series and challenging the Empire’s latest warmachina Emerald Weapon in a new trial. These encounters were inspired by Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 7, respectively.

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Coming later in patch 5.45 will include updates to the Blue Mage job, which seems to feature an encounter with character dressed similar to Final Fantasy 6’s Gogo. Also in the update will be the second section of the Resistance Weapons questline, which provides Shadowbringer’s endgame relic weapon option. 

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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