EA Sports Lawsuit Alleges FIFA 21 Promotes Loot Box Sales Through Difficulty

New lawsuit for EA Sports regarding loot boxes

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Dec 2020

Loot boxes are legalized gambling provided to children. There are hundreds of videos detailing the animation, flashes of color, and other psychological effects these items have that resemble slot machines. EA is one of the biggest companies to push loot boxes since they hold the sole rights to franchises like Madden and FIFA that require loot box purchases for players to remain competitive each year. Information about these practices went mainstream after Star Wars Battlefront 2's release and more governments are aware of the predatory practices. With a new lawsuit.

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The trio of Pranko Lozano, Danyael Williams, and Jason Zajnock in California, the trio is alleging that EA is using AI tech to scale up the difficulty. Encouraging the purchase of Ultimate Team loot boxes. The Zajonc vs. Electronic Arts case, as reported by Dexerto, has moved to a court in California, alleging that the publisher is utilizing “deceptive practices” and “false advertising” to drive sales in their FUT mode.

The lawsuit was filed in November with the players thinking that the game's AI tech targets specific players and influence game turnouts.

“This [triggers] a self-perpetuating cycle,” continues the suit, “leading them to purchase additional player packs in hopes of receiving better players and being more competitive.”

The suit has not been certified as a class-action lawsuit this isn't the first time a suit like this was called against EA. EA did issue a small response, saying that "We believe the claims are baseless and misrepresent our games."

It's unlikely anything will change as EA and Take-Two Interactive with the NBA 2K franchises makes lots of money through these microtransactions. Often recycling assets to release these games each year and restarting progression so players have to rebuy these microtransactions and placing in-game ads into these premium-priced titles.

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