Skullomania G Comes To Street Fighter V

Yet another Fighting Ex Layer crossover appears.

By Fragnarok, Posted 09 Dec 2020

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V character G will have a new skin based on the Fighting Ex Layer character Skullomania. This is just one in a series of crossovers between the two games, as previous cameos included Ryu as Kairi, Kairin as Hokuto, and Cammy as Blair Dame. Like with most events, players will to expend their Fight Money to participate in Extra Battles. There is no guarantee that someone will earn the custom with just their first attempt, so it is a good idea to have plenty of Fight Money to try again.

Street Fighter V|Fighting Layer Ex|Arika|Capcom|G|Skullomania

Fighting Ex Layer has an interesting history, first starting as Street Fighter Ex as a joint venture between Capcom and Arika. The game introduced many new characters and lasted three installments. Surprisingly, Arika retained full ownership of their new characters, and spun them off into a separate universe. While no longer having a direct link to Street Fighter, Arika does make nods and Easter Eggs to their past with Capcom.     

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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