The Signifier: Director's Cut Launches This April 22nd, Free Upgrades to All Current Owners

The Signifier: Director's Cut coming this week

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Apr 2021

The Signifier is getting an updated version with more endings and content this week. With all current owners getting free upgrades.

The Signifier,NoobFeed,

The director's cut will include:

Expanded narrative content featuring new memories, dialogue and voice-over, three additional story endings, and a new epilogue giving greater insight to key characters and choices.

Improved performance and experience, including better load times and frame rate, revamped animations and UI, and further optimizations for lower-end PCs.

Bonus gameplay features, including a new difficulty setting for those purely interested in experiencing the game’s story, plus new menu tips, clues, and remappable controls.

Free upgrade for anyone who owns The Signifier on Steam,, or the Humble Store!

The Signifier is now available for PC.

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