Mighty Goose Set Loose June 5 on PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC

Untitled Goose Game meets Metal Slug

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 May 2021

Fans of Metal Slug might want to check out Mighty Goose. Think Untitled Goose Game but now the goose has a gun and armor.

Mighty Goose,NoobFeed,

According to a press release:

It’s a lovely morning in space, and you are a heavily-armed goose. Waddle and gun through five different level themes with Mighty Goose’s collectible upgrades, egg-splosive weapons, and companions that stick together like birds of a feather. Two geese are always more destructive than one goose, so combine the chaos in local co-op mode, and make the feathers fly across the galaxy in the quest to destroy the fowl foul Void King once and for all.

Mighty Goose launches on June 5 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,

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