Outriders was huge when it launched, with the developers confirming 3.5 unique players tried the game. However, that number is drastically dropping.

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Over 3.5 MILLION unique players in #Outriders first month after launch!

THANK YOU and sorry for some troubles on Enoch.

We are committed to improving the game in the coming weeks and expanding it in the future.

For more stats and updates, visit @Outriders. pic.twitter.com/h9k1xLEVve

— People Can Fly (@PCFPeopleCanFly) May 19, 2021

Despite this major start Outriders launched with major technical problems. The biggest being multiplayer, which was a heavily marketed feature, being inaccessible when the game launched. The game also required an always-online connection to many people's confusion which many could not access. This was only the start as other issues such as inventory disappearing and a list of other issues kept piling on. So much that each patch since launch has read like a novel.

It seems many gamers are just fed up because since its debut Outriders has seen a massive decline in players. While not terrible the game has seen a reduction of over 60% but this is likely due to gamers moving on to other games such as Monster Hunter Rise, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and Resident Evil Village. 

Still, it's doing better than Square Enix's other title Marvel's Avengers.

Outriders is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.

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