3.1 Update for MARVEL Realm of Champions, Brings Web Warrior 2099

Web Warrior 2099 joins MARVEL Realm of Champions

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Jun 2021

MARVEL Realm of Champions has a new update available now, with update 3.1 bringing Web Warrior 2099.

The champion is based on Spider-Man and is eager to share tales from the dark path current heroes are following. The update brings new changes to the meta, stability improvements, and other improvements.

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Web Warrior 2099 appears from the future to warn Battleworld about the dark path that lays ahead… except that he can’t remember what it is! Now he’s being hunted by a new breed of DARK CHAMPION that wants to stop him from revealing his secret… If he can even remember what that secret is…

Every week this story will unfold via Arena Conquest as Web Warrior 2099 travels across Battleworld meeting different Barons, trying to regain his memory to ultimately re-uncover the dark future that looms.

With this new story, event comes new gear and weapon variants for Web Warrior

This Web Warrior-focused event starts on June 1st!

MARVEL Realm of Champions is now available for mobile devices.

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