Among Us 15 Player Lobbies Now Live

Among Us celebrates its 3rd annoversary with huge update

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jun 2021

Among Us continues to dominate the multiplayer gaming world thanks to endless replayability and intense debates while in cat and mouse situations. With a brand new up date available now that adds 15 player lobbies.

Among Us,NoobFeed,

The update comes with an array of bug fixes as well.

An improved art style (subtle, but cleaner and easier for us to animate) - 4K BEAN GRAPHICS ARE THE FUTURE.

6 brand new colors: Tan, Gray, Banana, Rose, Maroon, and Coral  -- I have seen absolute blood baths in the comments section of people claiming Rose and Banana for their mains. Be safe out there. The pastel stans are thirsty for their cute colours, and rightfully so. (Also I know these colours are not super colourblind friendly - we want to move away from colours being the main way people identify Crewmates, so hang tight!)

Mobile controller support -- Yay!

A new kill screen meeting menu that indicates who died between rounds -- Yeah that's right I know you don't keep track of who dies!! This is a call out to you Steve. (I don't know a Steve but whoever is named Steve must be really freaked out right now.)

Ability to honk horn added to The Airship ???? If you have the “Stabilize Steering” task, bop the horn to honk it. Most important update in my humble opinion.


And various bug fixes:

The shop works in multiple languages again 

Right Hand Man skin kill animation makes the WEEEEH sound again 

Kick/Ban icon remains persistent on screen if chat is open after voting ends 

Made it more clear you can change the chat type (Free Chat VS Quick Chat) in the game settings if you are logged in 

Various localization fixes 

Players will stop moving when meetings are called

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