Star Renegades Gets a New Character With Guardian of the Metaverse

A new challenge enters Star Renegades

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Jun 2021

Star Renegades is one of the most popular and challenging strategy rogue-lite titles available. With the free Guardian of the Metaverse adding a new character.

Star Renegades,NoobFeed,

The new character called The Guardian is a new tank class that can bend reality. Coupled with this is a new building called The Metaverse Relationship Tracker that can survey all heroes ' unlocked relationships across reality.

More updates are on the way, with more content coming all year.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed
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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Raw Fury
Developer(s): Massive Damage
Genres: Turn-based Strategy, RPG, Rogue-lite
Themes: Sci-fi
Release Date: 2020-09-08

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