Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI Getting De-List on Mobile this July 27th

To prepare for the launch of the pixel remasters Square Enix is delisting the current versions of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on mobile

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Jul 2021

Today marks the release of the remastered versions of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on Steam. However, Square Enix also confirmed today the mobile versions of the games are being delisted and the pixel remaster editions will replace them this year.

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The current versions of #FinalFantasy V and Final Fantasy VI available on Steam and Mobile will be de-listed on July 27th.

Both will return to the platform with new pixel remasters, which we're excited for you to play later this year.

— FINAL FANTASY (@FinalFantasy) July 14, 2021

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is the re-release of the classic Final Fantasy games from 1 through 6. The fan reception to this has not been universally positive as most fans love the classic styles and feel the updated visuals remove much of the charm of the original game. Other fans were disappointed that the games were not coming to consoles but were limited to PC and mobile, which is a strange decision considering how popular these classic games still are.

Perhaps Square Enix will bring the games to consoles at a later date. Recently a large amount of Final Fantasy games made it to Xbox through Game Pass including the acclaimed Octopath Traveler.

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