X-Man Kitty Pryde Is Now Available on Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel Contest Of Champions adds X-Man Kitty Pryde

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Sep 2021

Today Kabam is adding to Marvel: Contest of Champions Kitty Pryde to the game.

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You can read about her strengths and abilities below:


High Prowess and Incinerate Damage

Kitty can stack a ton of Incinerates that will also gradually increase her Prowess potency over time! This allows her to stack Prowess and spike Special Attacks that can hit extremely hard, especially at max ramp!

Bypass damage on demand

Using her Phase ability, Kitty can dash forward at almost any time to bypass incoming damage, making her a great option in fights where damage is hard to avoid. Additionally, Phase is paused during special attacks allowing her to ignore Power Sting abilities and other such abilities that attempt to hurt her while Phased.

Punish undodgeable Special Attacks

Using Phase to dash toward an Opponent during their Special Attack is a great way to avoid hits from normally annoying specials that aren’t normally dodgeable, such as Winter Soldier’s Special 2! Reduce that chip and punish almost anything!


Cowardice, Critical Resistance and Stun Immune

If Kitty is inflicted with Cowardice she will lose all her ramp, this is a hard counter to her kit, additionally Kitty relies on inflicting Stuns or landing Critical Hits to ramp up her Prowess, opponent’s who shut this down or slow her down will make her challenging to play.

Incinerate Immune Opponents

To make the most out of Kitty Pryde she wants to Incinerate the Opponent to build up her Prowess potency, in matchups where this is not possible her damage will suffer.

Miss, Auto-block, Evade and other classic defensive tricks

Although Kitty is capable of dishing out some major damage, in matchups with potent classic defensive threats such as Evade she will suffer since she does not answer any of them. Kitty is best used in matchups that aren’t dominated with these classic defender tricks.



Always Active

Immune to Incinerate, thanks to Lockheed’s assistance.

Passive Prowess – Max 20

Gain 1 Prowess each time either champion lands a Critical Hit or Inflicts a Stun Debuff. +2 against Guaranteed Crits or Passive Stuns.

Gain 2 Prowess when intercepting a Dashing Opponent.

Each Prowess increases Special Attack Damage by 5% and lasts until the end of Kitty’s next Special Attack that strikes the Opponent or their Block.

If Kitty is inflicted with Cowardice, all Prowess are lost.

While the Opponent is suffering from Incinerate, Prowess potency begins to increase by up to 400% over 40 seconds. This bonus gradually falls off while no Incinerates are active.

Each time Lockheed prevents an Incinerate, the above Prowess Potency bonus is increased by 30%. Cooldown 0.8 seconds.

When throwing a Special Attack, all personal Prowess are removed and reapplied through the current Prowess Potency bonus.

Developer’s Note: Prowess acts as a kit resource for Kitty, landing Critical hits and inflicting Stuns is the easiest way to ramp up. When throwing a Special Attack all Prowess are removed and reapplied to get the benefit or Kitty’s current Prowess bonus. All you need to do is build Prowess and keep the Opponent Incinerated as long as possible and Kitty will handle the rest!


Dashing forward with 3 or more Prowess triggers Phasing for the duration of the dash plus 1.20 second(s) after, giving the Opponent a 100% chance to Miss. This is paused during Kitty’s Special Attacks.

While Phased gain +3900 Critical Rating, become Stun Immune and take 80% reduced damage.

While Phased #Robots suffer -20% Ability Accuracy reduction.

Personal Debuffs and Buffs that are triggered while Phased become Passive and gain +20% duration.

Each Miss caused by Phase deals a burst of 2422.5 Physical Damage and Kitty gains +3 Personal Prowess, these can stack above the normal limit.

When Phasing expires, 6 Prowess are consumed for each Miss that Phasing caused.

Developer’s Note: While Playing Kitty you’ll want to stay Phased as much as possible, for this reason one great way to play her is to Parry, dash back then dash forward. This will allow her to phase for most of every combo and maintain her Phasing bonuses as long as possible! If you’re feeling skilled you can also intercept the opponent to achieve the same thing, since every dash will trigger a phase if 3 Prowess are active.

Special 1 – Lockheed’s Revenge

The final 3 hits in this attack each inflict an Incinerate Debuff dealing 943.5 Energy Damage over 3.50 seconds, reducing block proficiency by 50% and removing Perfect Block chance.

Incinerates inflicted by this attack expire 1 at a time and are paused and refreshed while any other Incinerate is active.

With 10+ Prowess, Incinerates will trigger through block.

Developer’s Note: The Special 1 is best used to fuel Kitty’s Prowess potency bonus, however it can also be used if the opponent is suffering from a long duration Incinerate so that these will be paused until the other Incinerates fall off to get more out of these.

Special 2 – Loyal Companion

Each hit deals a burst of Physical Damage equal to 40% of the damage dealt by the hit.

With 10+ Prowess, gain an Unblockable Buff lasting 9 seconds, plus an additional 0.25 seconds for each Prowess above 10.

Developer’s Note:  Special 2 is best used when Kitties Prowess potency is ramped up via Incinerated, not only will her Prowess hit much harder, but each hit will deal an additional burst of damage based on the hit damage!

Special 3 – Raining Fire

Inflict a non-stacking Incinerate Debuff dealing 2295 Energy Damage over 30 seconds.

When this attack ends, enter Phasing for 2 seconds, if Phasing was already active this time extends to 4 seconds.

Developer’s Note: The Special 3 is best used in two scenarios. Firstly, it can be used if you want to get your Prowess potency bonus up to nearly max. Secondly, it can be used before throwing Special 1 to cause the Special 1 Incinerates to be paused for the whole 30 seconds that this Incinerate lasts, allowing Kitty to stack up a ton of Incinerates!

Signature Ability – Black Vortex Empowerment 


While Phased take no damage from any source.

While Phased gain 250% Defensive Combat Power Rate and pause Phasing while being struck.

The first time each Personal Incinerate effect expires naturally or is Purified, it has a 40.00% chance to retrigger itself at +30% potency. Incinerates triggered from this ability are always Passive.

Developer’s Note: Kitty’s ability to ignore all damage while Phased is insanely powerful in the right scenario.  Additionally, her ability to re-trigger Incinerates allows her to ramp up her Prowess Potency much quicker! This is especially powerful when retriggering the Incinerate inflicted via Special 3.


SHADOWY HISTORY with Wolverine – Unique (available at 6* only)

Kitty Pryde: When Phase expires, there is a 30% chance to consume no Prowess.

Wolverine: Landing a Heavy Attack consumes all personal Regeneration effects, each effect removed this way grants a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 15% for 10 seconds. Max stacks 3.

JUST A PHASE with Ghost – Unique (requires 5*+)

Kitty Pryde: Each Miss that occurs during Phase grants +2 additional Prowess, these can stack above the normal limit.

Ghost: Entering Phase during the Opponent’s Special Attack grants a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 10% for 6 seconds.

THROUGH THICK AND THIN with Emma Frost – Unique (requires 5*+)

Kitty Pryde: Become Immune to reverse controls, and each time this immunity is triggered gain +1 personal Prowess. Cooldown 0.8 seconds.

Emma Frost:Gain +20% Attack Rating in diamond form and gain +20% Combat Power Rate in telepathic form.

VICIOUS KITTY with Tigra – Unique (requires 4*+)

Kitty Pryde: While 10+ Prowess are active, become Passively Unblockable while Phased.

Tigra: Neutralize effects last +35% longer.

WORTH A SHOT with Magneto – Unique (requires 4*+)

Kitty Pryde: When Phasing gain +1 Fury Buff for each Debuff on Kitty, each increasing Attack Rating by 7% for 5 seconds Max 5.

Magneto: The first hit of every Special Attack inflicts a Weakness Debuff, reducing Attack Rating by 30% for 6 seconds.

FIRE AND DRAGONS with Dragon Man and ? – Unique (requires 3*+)

Kitty Pryde: Increase the duration of Incinerate Debuffs by +10% and Passive Incinerates by +15%.

Dragon Man: If no Power Charges are active when the final hit of Special Attack 2 strikes the Opponent, inflict 3 additional Incinerates.

???: Coming Soon…


All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating


All Champions gain +5% Power Gain



Kitty can avoid recoil damage by 80% if she Phases during her Special Attacks, which is what she wants to be doing in her loop already! This 80% extends to all damage if Kitty is awakened.

Inequity and Despair

Using Special 3 to place a long Incinerate then cycling multiple Special 1s to stack many Incinerate Debuffs allows Kitty Pryde to make the most out of Both Inequity and Despair.

Lesser Precision and Precision

Bonus Critical Rating will help Kitty Crit more often, thus helping her build up Prowess quicker which fuels both her Phase and her damage!

Katherine “Kitty” Pryde led the life of a normal teenager until she began suffering headaches of steadily increasing intensity as a result of her emerging mutant powers. Seeing her potential, Phoenix telepathically coerced Kitty’s parents into allowing her to join Xavier’s “school for gifted youngsters” where she quickly became the youngest member of the X-Men. During her adventures Kitty encountered and befriended a small alien dragon-like creature named “Lockheed” who quickly became her constant companion and travel buddy!

Marvel: Contest of Champions is now available on mobile devices.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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