Ion Fury 2.0 Releasing Next Year

Ion Fury getting a massive update

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Oct 2021

Ion Fury received massive popular reception when it launched but for some time fans have been waiting for the 2.0 update. Now players can take part in the 2.0 update early next year on all platforms.

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The title will get a massive amount of new additions detailed by the developers below.

Fix missing or incorrect textures in Zone 1

Fix a bottomless pit that left the player alive (Z1A2)

Fix a soft-lock where players could get stuck during a fall (Z1A3)

Fix areas where players could be accidentally squished (Z1A4)

Fix a soft-lock when using boots (Z2A4)

Fix missing or incorrect textures in Zone 3

Further fixes to reduce premature lockdown activation causing a softlock (Z3A1)

Prevent a soft-lock during level transition (Z3A4)

Fix texture and sprite placement issues in Zone 4

Fix missing or incorrect textures in Zone 5

Re-time a switch to prevent breaking a sector effect (Z5A1)

Fix pickup spawns that would cause objects to overlap (Z5A3)

Fix sector placement to prevent a door glitch (Z6A1)

Prevent a player from causing a soft-lock by not triggering an event (Z6A2)

Add a switch to make sure the player is able to backtrack (Z6A2)

Fix a missing blocking bit that could break a secret (Z6A2)

Widened an exploding ceiling to further prevent an enemy getting stuck (Z7A1)

Skybox triggers improved, some times it would not load the correct skybox on time (Z7A1)

Tweaks to improve the player experience on train cars (Z4A1)

z4a3 train crash revisited to make it a bit more impactful

Improve the visibility/hints of some secrets in Zone 4, 5 and 6

Various soft-lock potentials either blocked out or fixed in anticipation of jump boots

Electrifryer now has a 2-hit strike when holding primary fire, and continued light attacks when holding alternate fire

Improved timing and aiming on Loverboy alternate fire for snappier feedback and quicker executions

SMG and Minigun have a higher max ammo count.

Minigun push-back has increased force for higher player speeds.

Tweaks to improve Bowling Bomb primary fire and HUD display feedback

Ion Bow now allows you to swap weapons in order to cancel your current charge

Improved Enemy AI responsiveness

Improved SMG reload animation.

Player landing from great falls does not lock the player's view anymore.

Inventory Pocket. Now Shelly can carry a Power Up on the go!

Dynamic Crosshair. Indicates how full your weapon's clip/magazine is by filling the weapon crosshair.

Radar now aids the player with new dots when hunting for Secrets during the campaign.

Enemies now take damage when underwater. Heskell forgot to make them waterproof! (Can be changed in the file 'customize.con')

Fix lighting effector skipping some objects it shouldn't.

Fixed Priest (crossbow cultist) being able to instantly kill the player.

Fixed crossbow not firing the correct number of shots at low ammo.

Fixed blood splatters waking up enemies through walls.

Improved Mechsect collision.

General improvements and fixes to enemy aiming behavior.

Ensure that weapons always switch away when empty.

Allow Loverboy altfire to target enemies through 2-sided walls. (maskwalls)

Fixed shocked enemies using the wrong palettes.

Upgraded and improved controller support.

Improved frame pacing.

Optimizations to improve overall game performance.

Window is freely resizable by the user and no longer locks the cursor unless needed.

Lots of behind-the-scenes updates to the engine.

Improve backwards-compatibility with old savegames.

Fix deletion of existing savegames in the base folder on startup.

Improved and finalized the appearance of some enemy sprites.

Fix jittering of Greater Priests when viewed from the back.

Support remote activation of cameras on Viewscreens (A_REMOTECAM and A_SCREENMIXER)

Experimental flood sector effectors, subject to some changes until the release of Aftershock.

Implemented breakable glass maskwalls for mapping use.

Ion Fury is now available for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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