360° Roguelite Shooter Orbital Bullet gets an Early Access Update

Orbital Bullet new For Eternity update now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Oct 2021

Orbital Bullet has a new update for Early Access members. Adding new gameplay features and new challenging stages.

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Key Features of the For Eternity Update Include:

New Game Mode: Eternity Tower - Master 50 difficult stages in a row and unlock new rewards such as class skill points, weapon fragments and more. 

Endless Mode: Climb the endless shifting Eternity Tower as high as you can with ever increasing difficulty. 

New Upgrades: 4 new upgrades are waiting for you including all new Laser Goggles for the Engineer!

Reworked Class System and New Skins: Each class now has a unique skin as well as updated passive skills. 

Improved Enemy Variety and Tier System: Feel like you need more of a challenge? Sure thing! There are recolored and buffed enemy versions of the current ones which means over 30 enemies being added. 

Reworked Difficulty System: Without spoiling too much, there are a host of new settings and options to provide progress for the new Overcharge system. 

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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