Orbital Bullet is getting a holiday update, bringing new challenges such as a new Endless Mode and Tower Hard Mode.

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Key Features of the Holiday Season Update:

Eternity Just Got Longer:  Test your might in the Eternity Tower Hardmode, now boasting 50 more punishing levels! Clear all 100 levels in succession and prove your rogue-like skills in this relentlessly tough battle to the summit.

This is the Mode that Never Ends: Endless Mode lets you challenge your deadshot skills while climbing the endlessly shifting Eternity Tower! With the difficulty increasing on each level, how long can you survive?

Slay in Style: Along with chic new cosmetics, the Holiday Season update is also packing heat with four sick new weapons: the Hover Shotgun, the Eternity Gun, the Crossfire Gun, and the Smart Rocket Launcher

Orbital Bullet is now available on PC.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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