No Place for Bravery Arrives on Switch, PC Q3 2022

No Place for Bravery comes out this year

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Jan 2022

No Place for Bravery is an upcoming action-adventure indie project from Glitch Factory that has players traveling through a devasted world in this retro-style adventure. With no exact release date, that title is set for a Q3 2022 release for Switch and PC.

No Place for Bravery,NoobFeed,

After a lifetime of battle and misery, Thorn prepares to lay down his sword for good—until receiving a new lead on his missing daughter Leaf. Venture forth, berserker, into an unforgiving, breathtaking world where a single misstep could cut Thorn’s story short. Dash around danger with split-second timing or adjust difficulty settings to enjoy the tale and save the challenge for another day. No matter the path Thorn walks, discover a stirring, somber soundtrack and detailed pixel art evoking an age of giants and myth.

The title features:

Brave the land of Dewr, a devastated high-fantasy world full of bandits, murderers, and fearsome bosses.

Master demanding combat with well-timed slashes, blocks, and parries. Dewr won’t give you an inch.

Take up the sword, shield, and guilt of Thorn, an ex-soldier burdened by sin on a quest to save his family.

Search for Leaf, Thorn’s long-lost daughter, and uncover the truth of her disappearance.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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