PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 17.1 Brings Sanhok Back to its Former Glory

PUBG: Battlegrounds Update 17.1 includes rebalanced Tactical gear, a new weapon, a new season of rankings, and more.

By Rayan, Posted 06 Apr 2022

KRAFTON, Inc, the developer of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, has confirmed that the game is getting a new update on April 13 for PC and April 21 for consoles. The update will bring back the Sanhok map's original design with a few tweaks to the overgrown paradise. Additionally, the 17.1 Update will bring Sanhok's former glory, introduce the ACE32 weapon, and implement modifications to the Tactical Pack's balance.

PUBG: Battlegrounds, Update 17.1, Patch Note, KRAFTON, Sanhok Returns, ACE32

Update 17.1 is summarized below, and the complete patch note is published on the PUBG: Battlegrounds website. On the PC Test Server, survivors can preview the new content.

- Sanhok Returns to its Original Form: With the restoration of Docks, Ruins, Quarry, and Bootcamp's lobster-shaped structure (already indicated in the Dev Plan for 2022), Sanhok will revert to its former look and take on its original jungle feel. The developers chose to redesign most of Sanhok after considering feedback from the community during the map's 2020 update, which included eliminating the Loot Truck, Decoy Grenade, and Jammer Pack.

- New Ranked Season: Ranked Season 17 will have a new ranked season, meaning that all awards won during Ranked Season 16 will be put in players' inventories when the new season starts. Except for the Parachute Skin, all Season 17 rewards will be deleted from the inventory after server maintenance is complete.

- New Weapon - ACE32: The ACE32, a new 7.62mm weapon, is now available in 17.1. The low-recoil ACE32 will be simpler to handle than the Beryl M762 because of the absence of 7.62mm guns in the existing AR armament pool. All maps will have access to the newest weapon.

- Tactical Gear Adjustments: Other tactical gear can no longer be stored in the Tactical Pack as of version 17.1. (Drone, EMT Gear, and Spotter Scope).

Free-to-play online multiplayer battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds was developed and distributed by Krafton-owned PUBG Studios. Check out the PUBG: Battlegrounds PC Review at NoobFeed.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
Editor, NoobFeed

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