Serious Sam: Tormental Fully Upgraded & Ready to Unload

Serious Sam: Tormental has now been fully upgraded and is ready for blasting.

By Rayan, Posted 09 Apr 2022

Roguelite top-down shooter Serious Sam: Tormental gets its full release after a long early access phase. This top-down shooter takes place inside the mind of the demigod of destruction, Mental, who imagines worlds and monsters that gets in the way of your journey towards his inner ego. The game is a 3D roguelite top-down shooter. Initially released in 2019 into Steam Early Access as part of Croteam's Incubator program, Serious Sam: Tormental has now been fully upgraded and is ready for blasting.

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Deep inside an old temple, there is a cursed artifact that can do things that aren't possible. Could this be the way to get into the mind of the god of destruction: being mentally smart? Serious' Sam Stone may not get another chance to explore Mental's wicked imagination in this way in the future. His quest will lead gamers into battle with an unstoppable army of rogue monsters. 

A new area called The Fortress has been included in the Serious Sam: Tormental full release. This area has new enemies and Elite variants, and there are special runs with pre-set weapons, powers, and conditions, with leaderboards for each one. Dozens of new weapons, power-ups, and quests have also been added to the game. There's even a new character called Ugh Zan Jr.

There are procedurally generated dungeons, characters with unique abilities, and a lot of fun Serious Weapons in this game. It gives you more to do than just "kill the final boss." You will have to do many things before you can finally stop Mental. Players get to know the hidden ideas that Mental has in his head and find out what enemies, weapons, and items he thinks he could use in the real world. During the gameplay, players can gather and combine parts of guns to make unique and powerful weapons. They can also complete many different challenges to get to new areas and unlock new characters, weapons, and upgrades.

Players can join the local co-op mode to play with their friends and compete for or share experience points. Published by Croteam and developed by Gungrounds, Serious Sam: Tormental is now available on Steam with a 25% discount until April 15.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
Editor, NoobFeed

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