Pix'n Love Games Revealed Souldiers Physical Edition

Physical Edition of the 2D pixel art Metroidvania game by Pix'n Love Games has been announced.

By SnowWhite, Posted 20 Apr 2022

Pix'n Love Games and Dear Villagers have announced their partnership for the upcoming physical edition of Souldiers on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. 

Souldiers, Physical Edition, Pix'n Love Games

So far, Retro Forge's Souldiers has proven to be one of the best examples of combining Metroidvania exploration, epic Souls-style combat, RPG customization, and precise platforming. Thanks to this brilliant combination, players will be able to immerse themselves in the unique world of Terragaya, divided between the dead and the living.

Souldiers impresses with its intriguing story, aesthetic direction, and flawless 16-bit-style graphics, a real throwback to the genre's golden age when it comes to gameplay. Players can decide on a character type, develop their abilities, confront an army of enemies, overcome a plethora of riddles, and fight for their life!

Pix'n Love Games is the publisher for the Souldiers Physical Editions, and the copies are expected to lease in Q2 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Asura Kagawa (@AsuraKagawa)
Editor, NoobFeed

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