Modiphius Reveals COHORS CTHULHU

Battles against the unknown horrors from outer space and time bring together Rome's mightiest warriors and their Barbarian foes in COHORS CTHULHU.

By Rayan, Posted 22 Apr 2022

Against the Gods Themselves: COHORS CTHULHU, a new line of tabletop games from Modiphius Entertainment, is now available. In the same world as the popular Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20 RPG, this new tabletop RPG, narrative co-operative wargame, literature line, and miniatures range introduces adventurers to a period of daring gladiators, gallant centurions, and brave Germanic heroes.

COHORS CTHULHU tells the story of a hidden conflict taking place on the outskirts of the Roman Empire. Romans and Germanic tribes struggle amid the dark and forbidden woodlands that envelop these areas on the northern frontier. They'll need to work together soon to stop an evil cult and its horde of abominable monsters from the deep cosmos from taking over. As a background to Lovecraftian horror, the ancient Rome period of COHORS CTHULHU is filled with heroic deeds, intrigue, and conflict.

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Players in COHORS CTHULHU will be able to delve into historical events, history, and mythology from this period to uncover previously unrevealed details. Magic exists, and it may be attained by putting one's faith in arbitrary deities and praying to them. There is a more profound struggle behind the scenes, a battle of enormous and evil forces vying to conquer mankind or mold their own civilizations to fit their own nefarious purposes.

Using fire, steel, and ancient technology, COHORS CTHULHU pits players against Eldritch creatures in the 2nd century! A co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment, Chris Birch, claims Achtung! Cthulhu has always been part of an overall plot in which heroes from different eras battle the eldritch powers of the ancient gods.

"Players will be able to create and take part in epic storylines spanning the course of human history with COHORS CTHULHU, the next stage in bringing this world to life. Our work on this research has allowed us to significantly broaden the scope of the cosmos. We have dug deep into the ancient archives of the Hyperboreans, Atlantis, and the old Roman Empire! For Achtung! Cthulhu, we hinted at a link to Atlantis, and in The Mountains of Madness, we promised an epic sequel that revealed what would happen if the Nazis eventually roused the sleeping gods after World War II. We've had a long-term goal of building this planet." 

Roleplayers will be dropped into the Roman frontier town of Laurium, the iconic walled fort on the boundary between civilization and the strange, gloomy plains, when COHORS CTHULHU gets its first significant release. In the 2nd century in Northern Europe, hazardous vagabonds and stories of scary animals, haunting ruins, and mysterious woodlands filled the air.

COHORS CTHULHU, Achtung! Cthulhu, Modiphius Entertainment, Uber Strategist, Gaming,Transmedia Universe

Barbaric Germanic barbarians roam the dense woods, but should the Romans be alarmed only by their presence? Do these occurrences have any significance to ancient Atlantis or the devastating conflict that would rip Europe apart two millennia down the road?

COHORS CTHULHU's most notable features:

Et Tu, Cthulhu? Combines the fantasy mythology of H.P. Lovecraft with a historically accurate and culturally accurate environment.

Fight deep in the foggy woodlands, on collapsing galleys, or in perilous Atlantean ruins as you discover massive conspiracies and fight with ancient secrets that threaten the very foundations of our world!!!

2-Tali-20: Modiphius' unique 2d20 in-house tabletop roleplaying game system keeps gaming seamless and the cinematic action flowing with an innovative set of narrative-driven rules and mechanisms that control the movement.

To battle a nefarious cult and its mythological allies, players will need to work together, whether they favor the Legions' severe discipline and rigid order or the wild courage and berserker cruelty of numerous tribes around the empire.

It's Time to Face Reality: The heroes will have to rely on a variety of magics, lost technology, and eldritch abilities if they want to survive against the massive cosmic forces arrayed against them.

Expanding the Roman Empire is a must as the Outer Gods' danger spreads to other empire areas, including Brittania, Aegyptus, Byzantine, and even Rome itself, the Eternal City.


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