Company of Heroes 3 Prioritizes Authenticity & Realism

Authenticity and realism have brought the battlefield to life in Company of Heroes 3.

By Rayan, Posted 25 Apr 2022

This time, the renowned strategy series, Company of Heroes, is back in a picturesque Mediterranean setting with intense action and various depths of strategy. CoH3 will be released on PC this year, continuing the series' intimate narrative in a new battle theater. According to a new video from Relic Entertainment, authenticity and realism have brought the battlefield to life in Company of Heroes 3 and how these crucial pillars have developed.

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Relic took inspiration for the game's authentic look and feel from historians, wartime movies, and technical periodicals. It's also worth noting that the Company of Heroes 3 development team has come up with a novel "Paper Doll" system, which allows players to quickly personalize in-game objects like armor and vehicles.

CoH3's surroundings have also been reworked in the video. This includes animations, vehicles, armor, and unit behaviors. According to Tristan Brett, the game's art director, troops now respond to their environment by changing their stance when aircraft pass above or an enemy approaches nearby. This creates a dynamic, live battlefield.

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): SEGA
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