ARTO Captures an Exciting World of Color Exploration Perfectly

The first gameplay trailer for the visually spectacular action-adventure ARTO has been released.

By SnowWhite, Posted 25 Apr 2022

ARTO, a role-playing action-adventure game, has shown its first gameplay video, blazing a new course. The action-packed third-person shooter takes place in a surreal, colorless world reminiscent of Okami and Hyper Light Drifter. While facing off against a bevy of formidable enemies and bosses, players in Arto will have to rely on their armory of weapons and upgrade routes as they hack and slash their way to victory.

ARTO, OrionGames, Steam

ARTO portrays a beautiful open world with diverse biomes with a distinct visual style to explore. Players will have to bring color and vitality back to a world that has been stripped of it and learn to use five new weapons. There are epic battles against 30 distinct adversaries, and various bosses await you in this action-packed RPG. The game offers multiple endings where players will have to discover the secrets of the world's destruction in a branching tale.

There are six worlds in Arto, each with a distinct theme, play style, style of visuals, and obstacles and monsters. Each locale transforms into a kaleidoscope of color as you go through the game. Players in Arto will go into the past to learn about the Chromaclysm. It's a catastrophic event that destroyed the globe and drained the planet of its colors. Arto offers a rich storyline with several possible outcomes.

ARTO is set to release on 1 December 2022, and the beta is available for those who will join the game's official Discord.

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