Decision: Red Daze Gets Steam Launch Date

Survival action Role-Playing Decision: Red Daze is scheduled to launch on Steam on May 19th.

By Rayan, Posted 27 Apr 2022

Decision: Red Daze, a new zombie survival RPG by Nordcurrent Labs, will be released on PC in May. You've finally made it to the end after surviving the Red Daze, the mutants, and the infected. You made it out of the Red Bowl unscathed. As for you, it's only the beginning. You'll have to use all of your intelligence, courage, and leadership to help your people survive long enough to see a treatment for this disease come into being. Nordcurrent Labs has published a new trailer to celebrate this update.

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In the end, Red Daze succeeds because it is an isometric action RPG that combines survival elements with tower defense. Red Daze ravages the land, destroying everything in its path and unleashing hordes of deformed creatures. Survivors are the last chance for the human species. 
Survive the Red Daze while searching for new survivors to add to your camp and attempting to escape the epidemic – and perhaps find a cure – as you lead a group of people in the famed Dust Bowl. Defeat swarms of horrifying zombies, mutants, and other terrible monsters with a surge of adrenaline, explore the globe in quest of new friends, locate and upgrade lethal weapons, and create ever-more-powerful defensive devices to protect your communities. Keep your guard up; danger lurks around every corner.

Nordcurrent Labs has been posting a series of dev diaries on Decision: Red Daze's Steam page, providing an exclusive look at several of the game's elements if you're interested in learning more about it. Combat systems, a blend of action RPG and tower defense, were the focus of the first game in the series and how they grew from their origins in the original titles of this cult genre. Dev diary articles on Dust Bowl enemies and bosses focused on various adversaries and bosses. 

Decision: Red Daze, FlyAnvil, Nordcurrent, Role-playing Video Game, Shooter Video Game, Strategy Video Game, Fighting game, Adventure game

The plot and mythology of the game were further explored in the third installment, which is essential to any role-playing game. In the fourth article, survival and tower defense mechanisms come together when creating colonies. The gameplay is followed by two sections on the game's weaponry, covering everything from shotguns and miniguns to machine guns and flamethrowers. Lastly, the more action-oriented element of the game is detailed on two separate pages.

The post-apocalyptic action RPG Decision: Red Daze, developed by FlyAnvil and published by Nordcurrent Labs, will be available on Steam and GOG on May 19th. Fans of the Wasteland and Fallout series alike will enjoy the game's unique genres, including complex and fascinating survival and crafting mechanisms, nerve-wracking tower defense sequences, and comedy, ambiance, and narrative aspects already recognizable to those fans.

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