Soulstice Reveals Visceral Dual-Character Combat

Pre-orders for the Soulstice physical Deluxe Edition open with a new gameplay video have been released.

By Rayan, Posted 16 May 2022

The upcoming action game Soulstice launches pre-order ahead of its fall release and received an explosive new gameplay trailer today from publisher Modus Games. Using a range of weapons and supernatural abilities, Briar and Lute illustrate how they work together to defeat their enemies and rescue Ilden in a new combat-focused trailer.

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The physical Deluxe Edition of Soulstice is now available for pre-order. Digital artbook, soundtrack, and Ashen Blade Item Pack are included in the Deluxe Edition, which provides Briar and Lute with essential resources for the perilous voyage they must undertake.

Reply Game Studios' Soulstice offers players to discover the truth behind the Chimera, a warrior born of two souls. As Chimera sisters Briar and Lute, voiced by Metal Gear Solid V's Stefanie Joosten, Briar and Lute are the only ones who can stand against the Wraiths, hideous and bloodthirsty creatures who have flooded our planet from the other side of the Veil. Players can only fully unleash their Chimera potential and put a stop to the invasion by mastering the powers of both characters.

As the title suggests, Soulstice takes place in a fantasy-inspired realm full of wonder and peril. Briar and Lute will be able to take down their foes in a variety of inventive ways thanks to the game's combo-based combat system and wide range of weaponry and customization possibilities. 
Nevertheless, as the two battle to get to Ilden's Tear in the Sky, their difficulties will grow and their surroundings will get hostile.

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