Dream Cycle Major Update 2: The Reforging

Dream Cycle has now reached a significant level in its development after it was released into Early Access in September 2021.

By Rayan, Posted 24 May 2022

Developers of Dream Cycles, Cathuria Games and Raw Fury have published some of the latest updates to share about the game's progress toward its complete release. Toby Gard, the man responsible for creating the Lara Croft video games, is behind the action-adventure title Dream Cycle.

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Dream Cycle was first released into Early Access in September 2021, and it has now reached a significant level in its development. An important update has been released, and it has a lengthy list of new implementations and enhancements. The highlights are new voiceovers, storylines, fighting methods, and a unique presence for everybody impacted by the switch from the beta to the live branch. Check out the May Early Access trailer.

The developers hope that what we have seen of Dream Cycle thus far is something that we are enjoying, and they are happy to share more with us as they continue on our journey into Lovecraft's Dreamlands. Dream Cycle is scheduled to leave Early Access at the end of the summer of 2022.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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