Eden Remains: Arrival Reveals New Gameplay Trailer

A brand new video showcasing gameplay from Eden Remains: Arrival.

By Rayan, Posted 31 May 2022

Revelation Games have released a new gameplay teaser trailer for its next sci-fi action-survival game.

Eden Remains: Arrival is a first-person, survival-action video game with a science fiction setting. Take control of an elite dropship warrior tasked with determining the source of a distress signal coming from a distant research facility on Eden. To ensure your survival, you will need to engage in combat, search for resources, monitor your vital signs, and create items.

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Players in Eden Remains: Arrival will investigate the history of an ancient planet and the first effort at recolonization over fifty years after an asteroid destroyed the original home globe of humanity. This will be accomplished via a one-of-a-kind combination of action and survival mechanics set inside an engaging science fiction environment.

Inspired by a desire to create a new experience within the first-person shooter genre, the game combines a cryptic story with both action and survival elements to provide an immersive sci-fi action experience. Eden Remains: Arrival is based on a mysterious story where players will experience planetary survival and tactical combat that features weapon customization.

No release date has been revealed by Revelation Games yet, while the game is expected to release on PC in 2022.

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