Paradox Interactive Launch New Publishing Label Paradox Arc

Paradox Arc is a new publishing label aimed at helping smaller developers

By AlexJohn, Posted 17 Aug 2022

Paradox Arc is a new publishing label from Paradox Interactive. Announced via Twitter, the new label will focus on publishing "deep, endless, and replayable games from smaller development teams".

Founded in 2004, Paradox Interactive is best known for strategy and management games including Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, and Prison Architect, and, since 2006, has primarily released games digitally. 


Paradox Arc, Paradox Interactive, Across the Obelisk, Dreamsite Games, NoobFeed, Paradox Arc is a new publishing label aimed at helping smaller developers

Across the Obelisk, a "co-op RPG deckbuilding roguelite" from Dreamsite Games, is the first title to be released under the new Paradox Arc label. The label also confirmed that they will still be releasing games through Steam, rather than a dedicated launcher. Paradox Interactive, and by extension Paradox Arc, put an emphasis on "endless and challenging game experiences" and have become known for publishing "smart games designed for smart gamers." Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Paradox Arc is looking for small studios that fit their ethos of "deep, endless, and replayable games."


Alex David Johnson, (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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