The Age of Sorcery Begins with Conan Exiles 3.0

Age of Sorcery brings players a new degree of choice and ushers in a new age for Conan Exiles!

By Rayan, Posted 01 Sep 2022

Conan Exiles has received its most significant free content patch since the game's initial release, and Funcom has announced the news that the Age of Sorcery is now free to all players. The most awaited addition, sorcery, has finally been implemented. With this update, gamers now have many more options to customize their characters. To dabble in magic and corruption, be an invincible savage or both; gameplay experiences with other players in the Exiled Lands will change forever.

To thrive in the harsh Exiled Lands, players will need to sacrifice thralls for their blood, call upon demons and the undead for assistance, and more. Check out the new features and the reworked characteristics system, and use the streamlined construction interface and Creative Mode to expand your stronghold in record time. Check out the trailer for the beginning of a new era.

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With the launch of Age of Sorcery, the game is transitioning to a brand-new business model that will see substantial new gameplay and features introduced for free while players support the game financially via cosmetics related to a Battle Pass and item store. The Ages motif ensures that each subsequent update will always consist of many parts.

The Battle Pass is made up entirely of cosmetic things, such as sorcery-themed decorations for your base, armor, weapons, horses, and much more! As you go through the Battle Pass's tasks, you'll unlock rewards—some of which are available to everyone for no additional cost.

Having received consistent upgrades since its release, Conan Exiles currently has a vast library of engaging activities and adventures. With a free trial available from September 1-8 on Steam and from September 8-11 on Xbox, now is the ideal opportunity to give the game a try. The Game Pass also includes Conan: Exiles.


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