Dead By Daylight's New Killer Uses Drones To Hunt Her Prey

The Skull Merchant arrives in Dead By Daylight's 27th Chapter on March 7th

By AlexJohn, Posted 16 Feb 2023

Asymmetric multiplayer horror game Dead By Daylight's 27th chapter - titled Tools of Torment - will introduce a unique new Killer to Behaviour Interactive's roster of monstrous murderers. During the week, Adriana Imai is the wealthy executive of a tech company; on the weekend she lets her hair down, dons a gas mask, and uses her deadly drones to hunt down and slaughter victims as The Skull Merchant. Located in Shelter Woods, The Skull Merchant's Hunting Camp is a place "where luxury and brutality coalesce" and "grotesque tools" are made. This includes drones made from the skulls of past victims and deadly metal claws that would give the Marvel mutant X-23 a run for her money.

The Skull Merchant's main hunting method revolves around her gruesome drones as, with her Eyes in the Sky power, she can unleash up to four of them on unsuspecting Survivors. When in Active Mode, these drones will stay still and scan for Survivors; however, in Scouting Mode, the rotating machines can be disarmed. At the risk of triggering a Claw Trap. Gameplay director Matthew Spriggens (via says that knowledge of Dead By Daylight's many maps is very important for players looking to master this recon-based Killer.

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The Skull Merchant also comes equipped with three perks: Game Afoot, THWACK!, and Leverage. Game Afoot sees one of the Survivors become the Merchant's Obsession and, as she chases them through the map, "damaging generators and destroying breakable walls and pallets gives [her] a 5% Haste Status". THWACK! meanwhile, can be activated by breaking a wall or pallet after hooking a Survivor, this will "make Survivors within 32 meters scream and reveal their aura for 4 seconds." Finally, Leverage grants the Killer a token every time they hook a Survivor and, with each token collected, the Survivor's healing speed is reduced.

27 chapters in and Dead By Daylight is still going strong. Alongside The Skull Merchant are two new survivors, siblings Thalita and Renato Lyra, a revamped Red Forest, and plenty of quality-of-life improvements. 

Dead By Daylight is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Chapter 27: Tools of Torment launches on 7th March on all platforms.

Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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