Full List of 12 Games Atari Acquired, Including Berzerk

Atari seeks to expand digital and physical distribution of the classic titles.

By Daavpuke, Posted 18 Mar 2023

Classic gaming company, Atari, has announced the acquisition of some of their older titles. Among the names of purchases is Berzerk, the iconic maze runner. Berzerk is mostly known for being the first game to use voice synthesis, uttering a haunting electronic voice from the game's antagonist, Evil Otto. In a press release, Atari states its intentions to bring back these games:

Atari will seek to expand digital and physical distribution of the classic titles [and] create new games based on the IP.

Atari Acquired Games, Berzerk

In total, Atari acquired 12 games. We've received the full list, which you can see below:

- Berzerk
- Frenzy
- Armored Car
- Atomic Castle
- Dark Planet
- Great Guns
- Lost Tomb
- Mazer Blazer
- Minefield
- Moon War
- Rescue
- Tazz-Mania

The acquisition follows the current trend of Atari to return to its roots a little. Last year, the company released the excellent Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration, which recounts the history of the brand. In the game, Wade Rosen, who is the current Atari CEO, sits down and talks to the founder, Nolan Bushnell, as he shares stories of the company's past.

In Atari 50, several older games have also been given modern updates. Classics like Yar's Revenge are given a new coat of paint. We can likely expect some of these 12 games to receive a similar touch-up. For instance, one of the prototypes on Atari 50, Akka Arrh, was recently rereleased under the care of the legendary developer of Tempest, Jeff Minter.

It's looking like Atari is finally returning to what made its name over the years, which is the classic slate of video games they once hosted. It's plausible that the growing market for nostalgia is leading these decisions, but as long as the company handles these 12 games with some reverence, it could lead to good things.

Daav Valentaten (@DaavPuke)
Editor-In-Chief, NoobFeed

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