Hotfix For Destiny 2 Has Been Released

Bungie has added another hotfix to the game that aims to improve gameplay and general experience.

By DShelley, Posted 10 May 2023

Another day, another round of hotfixes released by Bungie for Destiny 2 This time round, the hotfixes aim to fix a few bugs and issues that many players have been experiencing, predominantly relating to certain activities. Hopefully, this hotfix will rectify some of these issues and add a few more changes to the game.

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Destiny 2 has been around for a quite a while, initially released in 2017, the game was the direct sequel to Bungie's Destiny. The game has come a long way since then and has since garnered a surprisingly loyal fanbase. This is probably due the experience that it offers players such as Community Events, Weekly Challenges and complex weapons that will work for any playstyle. Combine this with the various cosmetics and unique customization systems and it's easy to see why the game has become so popular. Even to this day Bungie is still regularly releasing patches and updates for the game.

Although, with every update and change that comes to the game, comes its own set of bugs and issues that need fixing. One of the biggest changes that came to the game happened on 9 April 2023. This update sought to fix most of the major issues that players were experiencing and it successfully did so, mostly. Since that major update, Bungie has released a series of hotfixes that were meant to fix what the major update didn't. Hotfix seeks to fix issues with events and in-game activities, such as fixing the issues Bungie was having with cheating.

After this patch, players will have a far more balanced experience. Though to some, these may seem rather insignificant, they will make the overall in-game experience much fairer and more enjoyable for all players of Bungie's sci-fi shooter. Changes coming to Activities, Third Refraction Core in Heist Battlegrounds has been brought back. The respawning enemies issue in the Lake of Shadows boss room has also been resolved.

As for Guardian Games, missing descriptions for Supremacy matchmaking options have been fixed, players will no longer have progression issues with the Heir Apparent quest and Catalyst. Players can now make the Champ Seal gilded and the Fly the Flag bounty has been resolved. Hopefully with these issues being addressed, players will be able to enjoy a much more balanced game. The game still has some issues but it is most likely that Bungie will be addressing them very shortly.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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