Rockstar Makes a Crucial Decision in GTA: Online and Players are Baffled

Rockstar keeps making odd choices for Grand Theft Auto: Online and fans are furious with the game giant.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 13 Jun 2023

Grand Theft Auto: Online has a very obvious schedule on releasing themed updates every year. One in summer and one in holidays This year's summer update, called Mercenaries, has dropped today, with both good and bad sides to it. Good sides are actually very welcome in the community, those are considered as long-time-running problems with the game, however their one simple decision made the community go insane as it deals with one of the most important aspects of the game: the cars.

Cars are quite important in Grand Theft Auto, as the name suggests. While the old games were focused on stealing cars, the long-going GTA V is more about earning enough money to buy cars. In GTA:O, cars are usually the deal breakers for missions, races and overall free roam in the game and not being able to purchase the majority of them would cause a lot of stir, right? Well, that is exactly what happened with Mercenaries Update, Rockstar made the under used cars not available through purchase anymore.

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This means the majority of the cars who are considered to be top of their class are completely gone and if you happen to start playing the game today, you will have a very small roster of cars to choose from. In the perspective of Rockstar, this is for the clean up of an excessive list of cars in their in-game websites. However, in the eyes of the community, it's another cash-grab attempt made by Rockstar just like how they brought GTA+ out of nowhere when nobody was asking for it.

The only way to purchase the car of your liking is now tied to Rockstar choosing a random car every week, then it will be available to everyone in the in-game websites, or alternatively, you can pay an extra for GTA+, join a new club called Vinewood Car Club, and grab the car through that gathering instead. Even if you have GTA+ membership, you still need enough money to purchase the car so it is very unconventional for a new player by any means.

Rockstar is getting more and more obscure with their game design. If it continues to be this way, it is inevitable that we might also see some questionable actions taken in their next big title, Grand Theft Auto VI.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFed

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