Microsoft’s In-House Developers Turn Their Attention to Xbox Series X|S, Leaving Xbox One Behind

Xbox One’s support is slowly drifting away as Microsoft focuses more on its current console.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 16 Jun 2023

As time passes, the previous generation of consoles becomes older and older. At some point, gaming giants need to move on from their usual support for the older consoles and shift their attention to their current consoles on the market. Xbox, with their 23 in-house developers have decided to cut the support for Xbox One, completely changing their plan to work only for Xbox Series X|S titles from now on.

Microsoft’s very popular titles, such as Minecraft and Sea of Thieves, will get their intended support because of the demanding player base. However, the other single-player games or the games that utilize Xbox Series X|S will be dropped from Microsoft’s plans. This important generation switch was announced by Xbox gamed head chief Matt Booty during an interview on a website.

Xbox Series X|S was announced in 2019 and got released in 2020. Since then Microsoft has been purchasing important game developers, such as Zenimax, to enlarge their vision and close the competition in the market. Since the Xbox Series X|S release, Microsoft doubled its size and advanced the development of the console further. Due to their schedule of priority, Xbox One production ceased around January 2022.

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Despite Microsoft leaving Xbox One alone, third-party developers can still work on the console. Some of the deals in the video game industry worked in a way that, some developers wanted to reach out to players who were still using the previous generation of consoles. Examples such as Tony Hawk games and Need for Speed showcase the probability and we can expect to see some executives still seeing potential in Xbox One.

It is not likely that the change from the previous to the current gen will cause issues, as it is the norm, Microsoft really likes backward compatibility. Even if we see a complete dismissal of Xbox One in the distant future, their titles surely ported over to Xbox Series X|S, creating a middle ground for people who enjoy the previous gen’s games. In the case of people do not want to change their consoles, they can still play Xbox Series X|S games through cloud, which should please both parties once again.

Atilla Turan
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