PowerWash Simulator Gets a 'Cleansing' with Another Exquisite Collaboration

By the emperor, we shall endure this filth in Powerwash Simulator and let known the power of Warhammer.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 26 Jun 2023

PowerWash Simulator might be one of the most chilling and relaxed games on the market. Just like Stardew Valley or any other game with zoning out in mind, PowerWash Simulator lets you become the boss of your cleaning business. Also existing in real life, power washing is a way to get rid of excess filth with pressured water. Since it is considered mesmerizing by most people, the game itself got quite a reputation for itself.

Another upcoming content for PowerWash Simulator was revealed to be an extraordinary collab with a viral cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants. While this collaboration is between very odd ends, the player base of PowerWash Simulator was happy to get new content for their relaxed game. Seems like the unorthodox meeting of unusual titles have worked with the feedback of the upcoming SpongeBob pack because the developers announced another DLC coming to PowerWash Simulator.

FuturLab, the developer of PowerWash Simulator, revealed the upcoming Warhammer 40.000 collaboration. Again, both power washing and distant wars between colonies do not match up, just like how we are having a power wash under the sea with the SpongeBob content pack. Actually, when compared to what is actually in PowerWash Simulator as a DLC so far, it is not hard to understand why. The title already has washing levels for both Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy, making it very much out of the ordinary. A little bit of space traveling and going through places to clean shouldn’t be such a weird task compared to what PowerWash had previously.

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At first, there is nothing to link Warhammer 40.000 and power washing, but once the amount of filth and degeneracy is involved, some cleansing is needed. With this collab, players will be able to clean armors and vehicles that are in the universe of Warhammer, which we expect to be covered in dust, mud, oil, and blood.

There is no exact date for the Warhammer 40K expansion arriving on the PowerWash Simulator, but we expect it to be dropped with the aforementioned SpongeBob Squarepants DLC. Nowadays Warhammer franchise is getting into the spotlight with new titles, such as Warhammer 40K: Boltgun and the upcoming Space Marine 2. Expansion packs like these also help Warhammer as a whole by reaching out to different players to get a grasp of the Warhammer universe, which is very good for the sake of the longevity of Warhammer.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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