Fans of Pokémon Go Aren't Happy with Niantic For Reverting Changes

Fans aren't too happy with Niantic's decision to reverse the changes made in a major Pokemon GO gameplay update.

By DShelley, Posted 29 Jun 2023

Niantic really can't get a break, the developers of Pokémon Go seem to have once again landed themselves in some hot water regarding the recent changes they've made to the Pokémon catching game. This time around, it would seem that isn't adding more to the game, they have instead reversed changes that were made to the game, much to the outcry of fans and players.

As many of you are probably aware by now, Pokémon Go has been around for quite some time and is going to be celebrating its seven year anniversary later this year. This is quite an impressive achievement as Pokémon Go is one of the few games to survive the mobile game boom of the 2010's and it somehow was even able to survive through the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw most of its user base stuck indoors. This is all thanks to Niantic's swift workarounds that they implemented during the pandemic, which allowed players to catch Pokémon from the comfort of their own home. However, all good things must come to an end and it would seem that Niantic's workarounds are starting to backfire.

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A good example of this actually happened quite recently, in regards to changing the interaction radius of wild spawns, which was greatly increased during the pandemic. Both a representative and popular content creator known as PokeDaxi on Twitter did confirm that this was true. Even post pandemic, this change has been greatly appreciated by players but it seems that according to the official Niantic Support Twitter account, the developers would be reverting this change. It was also revealed that this increased radius was actually a bug and was initially meant to help players who were experiencing GPS drift while trying to catch Pokémon.

This, understandably, was met with a large outcry online by many fans who expressed their displeasure at Niantic's decision. However, it would seem that many weren't surprised by this and were expecting Niantic to reverse the increased spawn radius. Things didn't get better for Niantic as many Pokémon Go content creators tried to reach out and get confirmation on this decision. Sadly, they instead experienced a lack of communication from the company, who didn't comment on the announcement.

There however, does seem to be some good news, based on the communities’ reaction, Niantic will very likely take it into consideration if they do indeed have plans on changes to the spawn radius in Pokémon Go. We will probably have to wait a while to see what changes get made or if there will be any changes at all.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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