Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together to Collab in a Horror Fest

Both developers of Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together are fond of each other, so they said, why not collab?

By AtillaTuran, Posted 22 Aug 2023

It is the first birthday of the adventure survival game Cult of the Lamb. During its release, Cult of the Lamb “literally” gathered a follower base for itself with its cute aesthetics and gruesome gameplay. To mention it shortly, Cult of the Lamb is a base-building game with our cute lamb character, gathering followers through her adventures in forests and sacred places. You mostly act as a savior and gather lost souls at your campsite, and start creating a cult for yourself. With its rather addicting gameplay and unique take on indie genres, Cult of the Lamb was considered one of the highest-rated indie games of 2022.

Now it's the Cult of Lamb’s first birthday and developers, Massive Monster, decided to celebrate it with a collaboration. While they differ from one another, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise, Don’t Starve Together is now part of the collaboration. The idea stems from the eerie and scary nature of both games, and we think it is actually a fair pair in the end. The collab is delivering some new game-changing ideas to the table, as well as items that are going to be added across the titles. The most prominent change is the addition of a new game mode for Cult of the Lamb, being similar to the one found in Don’t Starve Together. The lamb has to take care of her cult as well as watch her health, sanity, and sleep schedule. It is very remarkably same to what is in Don’t Starve, which is to survive with existing resources around you. This mode is called The Penitence and will be available for free with the update.

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As for the Don’t Starve’s side, Wilson, or the character of your choice get to see Ewelets as the lamb from the Cult of Lamb. In the Cult of Lamb side of things, our lamb can have a follower that has the resemblance of spiders from Don’t Starve Together as well. There will be items for Don’t Starve Together that will help with surviving the night too, all of them will be featured from the Cult of Lamb as expected.

For the upcoming extra content, Massive Monster is working on a new game mode for the Cult of Lamb, and it is going to be arriving at the end of this year. Klei Entertainment, the developers of Don’t Starve Together also have an update under their sleeve. Their latest update, From Beyond, is still being drip-fed with extra content and they are planning to continue adding more stuff in the future.

The collaboration between the Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together is currently live and free, all you have to do is tap into either of the game to get those new items and play through the new game mode.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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