Wild Hearts Possibly Losing Support from EA

Insider Reports say that EA could be ending its support for its Monster Hunting title, Wild Hearts, before the end of the year.

By DShelley, Posted 17 Sep 2023

It is a sad day for fans of EA's monster-hunting game, Wild Hearts, as according to insider leaks, it would seem that the company will be ending support for the game despite the game not even being a year old. When the game first released on 16 February of this year, it was praised as being a worthy competitor to Capcom's iconic Monster Hunter series, but it looks like the bright future this game has sadly been snuffed out.

As mentioned before, Wild Hearts was praised as being a worthy opponent to the Monster Hunter series and when the first trailer dropped, many thought that this was the next entry in Capcom's monster hunting IP. The games were compared heavily as they both share many similarities, both in terms of their action-packed gameplay and character focused dialogue. Despite these similarities, Wild Hearts had a few unique cards up its sleeve which made it stand on its own. Pair this with both the hype and favorable reviews, and it would seem that Would Hearts was on the path to success… Well, was.

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On the official r/WildHeartsGame subreddit, user BeardyShaman, who is also a moderator on the game's official discord server, shared a post where they solemnly say that it is likely that EA will be pulling the plug on the game because they don't "want to give the game the time it needs to grow and make Wild Hearts the next Monster Hunter". It would seem that EA, for some bizarre reason, expected Wild Hearts to be a multimillion-dollar release, which is completely unrealistic, considering that the game was from a brand-new IP that had not been established yet. The official announcement has yet to be made, but if the rumor is true, then we are likely going to hear about it soon.

The main reason for EA pulling the plug on the game, besides low sales and lofty expectations, is due to the numerous bugs and glitches that plagued the game. On release, the game had multiple bugs and glitches, which may have scared off many new players. However, most of those bugs were shortly rectified with the first major patch being released a few weeks later.

Luckily, even if EA cuts support for the game, players will still be able to play their copy of Wild Hearts, they will just not able to access many of the game's online features, such as playing with other player

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