Hackers are Threatening To Sell Sony’s Data On The Dark Web

A group of hackers is threatening to sell illegally acquired user data through encrypted online proxies.

By DShelley, Posted 26 Sep 2023

Have you ever wondered and questioned if it's safe for all these large companies to be buying and selling your personal user data? Well, it would seem that Sony is dealing with a very serious data breach, where a ransomware group is threatening to sell illegally acquired user data to online proxies. The group says that data in question has been acquired from "all Sony systems" which could include Sony products such as the PlayStation. It's yet to be confirmed if the data is legitimate, but despite this, Sony has a very serious matter on their hands that needs to be dealt with soon.

So far, it has been confirmed that the group had attempted to use the stolen data as ransom against Sony, who have rejected the offer. So, it is likely that group will now attempt to sell the data through other encrypted online proxies. As for the group itself, there is not much information, which is to be expected considering their actions, though it would seem that this attack may have been in the works for some time. In a report by SOCRadar, it mentions that during its monitoring of the communication app, Telegram, for any suspicious activities linked to the dark web or cyber-attacks, that it may have found something. The report says that a group called RansomForums had been planning an attack called, Ransomed.vc, which may be the cyber-attack that happened to Sony.

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CyberSecurityConnect also shared a report that goes into plenty of detail regarding Sony's cyber security breach from Ransomed.vc. The ransom group responsible for the breach also made a statement where they explained that they "successfully compromised [sic] all of Sony Systems" and that the group intended on selling the stolen data online. As for where the data was stolen, the statement says that the data was taken from Sony Group Corporation and Sony Corporation, but the statement also says that data was taken from "Sony.com". As mentioned earlier, we have yet to receive any confirmation that the data that was stolen was legitimate.

Now, due to there not really being much evidence that proves the legitimacy of the data being sold by the ransom group, it's unclear whether this was an actual cyber breach or a bluff. The group says that they have attempted to ransom Sony with the data but that the company did not see the value of the data, or that the breach was not much of a threat at all. However, we still need to see how this situation will pan out or if it will develop into a more serious matter. The cyber breach does have many similarities to the one that happened two years ago to CD Projekt RED. Will it be handled the same? We will have to wait and see

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