Counter-Strike 2’s Ranked Mode is A Mess Due to Griefers

Valve’s highly-anticipated next title, Counter-Strike 2, is now the aim of griefers who like to waste people’s time.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 02 Oct 2023

Counter-Strike 2 had a massive conversion from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike 2’s release date was teased on the official Twitter account a few days before launch, so it was expected to have huge traffic. It was stated by most players that the sudden change from a 10-year-old game to a fresh coat of paint was too heavy and unbearable. 

While Counter-Strike 2 offers a similar experience to its previous iteration, there are some good and bad parts of it that long-term players are currently noticing. The good parts are the advanced graphics and smoother gameplay, and the bad parts are griefers being an annoyance to anyone who wants to rank up.

To briefly mention, Counter-Strike has been a competitive game for a long time, being featured in serious FPS tournaments and even having its own championship, backed by Valve itself. Since competition is an important part of the Counter-Strike, people tend to take the game extremely seriously. Patience and knowledge push them to face better opponents and become a master at the game. But what if we told you if there is a way to completely put people off while they are trying to get better ranks?

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The lack of control on Valve’s end led to an outcry in Counter-Strike 2’s community. People who want to get better ranks end up losing ranks of their own. This is tied to one of the measures taken by Valve to stop people leaving mid-game and supposedly stop encouraging people from ragequitting. However, this technique backfired as people reported they lost rank despite the disconnection was not initiated by them.

To sum up the ranked system, each victory gives 100 points to the player’s rank. Leaving in any matter takes 1,000 points off the rank. This means in order to compensate for a mid-game leave, players need to win 10 matches. Combined with randomly initiated vote-kicks, crashes, and stability issues, most of the players lose rank without their own consent. The whole idea is considered one of the worst takes on punishment in ranked matches and the community is currently waiting for a better approach on the matter.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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