Unity CEO Resigns and Soon After, Unity Starts Gaining Reputation Again

CEO John Riccitiello plans to quit Unity and it was enough to draw people back into the game engine right away.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 10 Oct 2023

We have all been exposed to what happened with Unity recently. For the uninitiated, Unity has developed a scheme that would unnecessarily screw over anyone who used their game engine to make games. Although the engine allows for very great games to be made, it started causing a lot of problems recently with its rudimentary structure and ever-so-descending demand. Seeing that Unity was on its downfall, people at the company came up with a plan to commission the creators.

The commission amount was very small, about 20 cents, but how it was employed was quite sketchy and raised eyebrows immediately. Unity was asking for this cut every time someone downloaded the said game. This would ultimately affect re-downloads too, so the creators would be at a constant loss if someone started doing the download-and-uninstall cycle. Once this was out to the public, the creators were fumed with the change and announced their disagreement through Twitter posts or blog posts on their websites.

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Realizing they made a big mistake, Unity tried to back off with their statement and tried to undercut some of the meanings by explaining how it was not damaging at all to small creators. A week after the decision, it was entirely cut to stop all the outcry from both creators and players. But it was too late, now everyone lost their trust in Unity. And it seems like the decision was heavy enough to sack its CEO a month after, as John Riccitiello is quitting next month

It is uncertain whether Riccitiello’s sudden resignation has to do with the current backlash, but we can bet on it as Unity hasn’t had any backlash recently on a scale that would last more than a month. Sure, most of the creators could withstand Unity’s awful decisions but as soon as money was involved, it was a no-go. For now, James M. Whitehurst will be taking the place as interim CEO. The next big question is what is Unity’s next big move to ease the tension between creators and themselves.

Once the news of John Riccitiello’s resignment was out, all of the community was in actual disbelief as Unity finally got rid of one of the most notorious people to be ever put in front of a gaming company. Riccitiello’s past also includes being CEO of Electronic Arts during its worst years, around 2011-12, which led to winning the Worst Company of the Year award too.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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