GTA VI Leaker Gets Sentenced to Life in Hospital Prison

The verdict is finalized, and GTA VI puts the young leaker into prison for life.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 22 Dec 2023

Last summer, the highly anticipated GTA VI was leaked out of nowhere. The leaks were stolen directly from Rockstar Games’ servers and ended up in the hands of the public very shortly. Rockstar launched a copyright strike on every single leaked content available and was able to recover almost all of them in a short amount of time. The leaker was caught in the UK after an extensive search.

The trial was supposed to start last summer, but the hacker was deemed to be psychologically unstable, and it was moved to another date. Last Thursday, his trial went through, and the court’s findings, along with their decision, were finalized and published. From the information gathered from the BBC, the hacker, known as Arion Kurtaj, was deemed to be very violent during the custody and was stated that he would get back to cyber crime as soon as possible.

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The jury’s decision was an 18-month community service and rehab, but upon learning the intent of keeping crimes, the decision was changed to intense supervision in the hospital and a ban on using the internet and VPNs excessively. It was also stated that Kurtaj did not only intend to leak Rockstar Games’ private information; other companies such as NVidia and Uber were also targeted.

It might have been very different if Kurtaj decided not to leak any documents regarding GTA VI. It led to people watching the trailer with knowledge beforehand, such as the theme, city, and even protagonist. Rockstar Games stated the leak had caused around 5 million dollars of damage.

In recent events, Insomniac Games were also hit by a cyber attack despite being aware of it. Unfortunately, it has negatively ended for them, too, getting secret files about the upcoming Wolverine game and upcoming projects leaked to the public. Considering the hefty profit loss, getting leaked by some notorious hacker might be the biggest threat for the game giants nowadays.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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