Frogware, The Developers Of The Sinking City, Got Full Publisher Rights

After years of struggle, the developers of The Sinking City have finally gotten publishing rights to their Lovecraftian horror game.

By DShelley, Posted 04 Jan 2024

To say that it has been a rough few years for Frogware is a huge understatement, but finally, the rough seas are over. The Sinking City developer recently announced that they had obtained the publishing rights for their investigative horror game after an incredibly lengthy legal dispute with its former publisher, Nacon.

The dispute between Frogwares and its now former publisher, Nacon, started back in August 2020 when The Sinking City was delisted from storefronts. This was due to Frogwares alleging that Nacon had breached the agreement of the game in numerous ways. Nacon would then deny these allegations and state that this was an attempt by Frogwares to “discredit” the publisher and “jeopardize the distribution” of The Sinking City. Nacon would then reinstate the game on Steam without permission. Frogwares then stated that the version that was re-released was a pirated version of the game. This seems to have been resolved as the court has ruled in favor of Frogwares.

The Sinking City

Frogwares first shared this good news on The Sinking City’s official Steam page, in which the developer says that it is “now the sole publisher of The Sinking City on all platforms, including Steam”. It also shared that a new version of the game was in the works, and this new version would include countless bug fixes and improved optimization. That's not the only good news Frogwares has to share, as it also teased a brand new DLC pack titled Merciful Madness, which will add many new quests to the base game.

Sadly, the new DLC quests will no longer be compatible with saves from the old version of The Sinking City, but luckily, for a very limited time, players will be given the choice to play the old version of the game if they have any incomplete quests or objectives that they still need to finish before getting the new version and DLC. It should be noted that as of writing, there is currently no set release for either the new version or DLC, with the only indication given to us by Frogwares is “soon”.

While we don't have an exact release date for the DLC, Frogwares has stated that owners of the Necronomicon editions of the game will get the DLC for free. Interestingly, it would seem that players will be able to choose whether to play between the old or the new version of The Sinking City, meaning that players don't have to purchase another newer copy of the game.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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