Sometimes even the best of things slip up from time to time and boy, Xbox slipped up with the Game Pass Quests program. Over the course of a few months, Microsoft has made quite a few changes to their rewards system across multiple platforms, Game Pass included and fans aren't exactly thrilled with the changes made. One of the biggest changes being that players no longer have game specific quests for 50- 250 points.

As stated earlier, Microsoft has been revamping their reward systems for quite a while now and we already knew that Microsoft had plans on “updating” Game Pass' rewards system. The original intent of this update was to make Game Pass rewards on par with competitors reward systems, as seen with Platinum rewards for the PlayStation. While this update has done just that, it's also notably made earning points significantly harder.

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Many disappointed Game Pass users took to Reddit to air their grievances and things are not looking pretty. One such user, Trickybuz93, made a post on the Official MicrosoftRewards subreddit where they jokingly said that weekly Game Pass Quests have been nerfed. Trickybuz93 also shared a screenshot of the changes made and shows that the 5-250 point quests have been replaced with other weekly quests that range from 10 points to 20 points, however, the monthly “Quest Completionist” now offers nearly double the points, offering 1000 points rather than 500 points. Well, that may sound like a good thing but the requirements have become far more difficult to obtain.

Trickybuz93 wasn't the only Reddit user to share their dissatisfaction. Another user known as Many_Willingness_533, called the changes “disgusting”. The reason for such outrage is because in order to earn the “Quest Completionist”, users would have to play on Game Pass in 30 separate days and would also have to complete at least one achievement over 15 separate days. This would require users to work on a near daily focus if they wanted to earn Quest Points.

While Xbox isn't actually taking points away from players, they are making it significantly more difficult to earn them. The removal of game specific quests is also a massive blow to the platform, which has up until recently, received nothing but praise from its users. Sadly, it is very unlikely that Xbox will go back on the changes made to Game Pass Quests, we can only hope that they will listen to user input to improve the experience next time.

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