Switch 2 Release Month Leaked

A potential leak for the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 might have revealed the month of its launch.

By DShelley, Posted 12 Jan 2024

The Nintendo Switch 2, a console surrounded in both mystery and speculation, as well as a horde of fans dying to know any ounce of information about the sequel console. Thanks to an unexpected announcement for AI Shark, a new version of the Game shark cheating devices from Altec Lansing, we now may know when Nintendo's upcoming console will be launching. This supposed leak follows after the announcement that the console was pushed back due the addition of new hardware.

The Nintendo Switch is a small but phenomenal hybrid console that has been a huge success for Nintendo but despite how incredibly popular the console is, it's been seven years and the console has started to show its age. Many developers have had to significantly downscale the Switch versions of their games just to accommodate the consoles aged hardware. The Nintendo Switch 2, as it has been dubbed by many, is expected to feature current gen technology with many exciting new features to go with it.

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As stated before, many of these claims are entirely speculation as Nintendo themselves hasn't even made an official announcement about the console, heck, even it being called the Nintendo Switch 2 is entirely speculative. However, we may have our first real grain of evidence and it comes from none other than Altec Lansing, a tech company that has rebranded the infamous video game cheating device, GameShark, now known as AI Shark. Their new product is set to release alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024. However, this once again should be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

While a launch in September 2024 isn't entirely out of the question, as many companies tend to aim for the launching of their consoles in the Fall season, as it lands very conveniently before the holiday shopping season. It doesn't exactly line up with the Nintendo Switch’s launch but a Fall release would most likely play even more into Nintendo’s favor, unless another console were to launch around the same time.

As mentioned before, very frequently in articles surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2, this is currently speculation and we don't even have a confirmed name of the console. While there are many things that could point to a sequel console, we have yet to get any official announcements or confirmation. However, if these rumors are true and we are getting a Switch successor, then it would seem the 2024 holidays are going to be a blast.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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