Rockstar Contract Prevents T-Pain from Visiting GTA V RP Servers

T-Pain becomes the first celebrity to be included in the upcoming GTA VI.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 15 Jan 2024

Our knowledge about the anticipated GTA VI is very limited. There is only a 1.30-minute trailer with certain shots on what to expect, but this does not stop fans who really want to find out more about the game and dig through the trailer even more. Some put forward the idea of the game’s release date to be in May 2025 due to how registry plates are shaped in-game, some speculate the map is already shown in an official artwork. Even though the content is limited, the assumptions we get are limitless.

In the sea of uncertainty, however, we got our first confirmation for GTA VI. In a recent stream of T-Pain, an acclaimed rapper, he stated that he is now forbidden to enter roleplay servers of GTA V. The vanilla experience of GTA Online does not provide much roleplaying, however, the fan-created multiplayer client, FiveM has a lot of roleplaying servers that players can join and live the life in Los Santos. T-Pain happens to be an avid member of the roleplay community, NoPixel server, and he has been forbidden to enter the chain of their servers.

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In a recent stream of the artist, he explained the reason why he would be giving a break on visiting the servers, and it is due to his role in the upcoming GTA VI. While most people are figuring out little bits from the trailer, one of the confirmed information comes along from a rapper in a stream. It is expected that he voiced a crucial character that players will come across in the story, therefore it is understandable why he was sort of “banned” from the servers.

His main line of confusion comes from how Rockstar owns FiveM and he’s not allowed to play on those servers for some time. After all, FiveM is one of the places that allow GTA V players to do whatever they want freely, such as races, missions, and most importantly, roleplaying without getting harassed. Despite being considered as a free ground, the Rockstar acquisition brought questionable changes to how people tend to play FiveM, one of the recent the removal of real-life vehicles and vehicles from other video games.

Once the news about Rockstar, being interested in acquiring FiveM was perceived in both good and bad ways, but as time goes by, players are kind of understanding the mindset behind of Rockstar’s interest in the community-created multiplayer mode.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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