Rockstar’s Parent Company, Take-Two, is in Clash Over Remedy’s New Logo

Take-Two has issued a trademark complaint as Remedy started using his new logo in their projects.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 16 Jan 2024

Coming up with a new logo has always been a hard task, especially for game developers and publishers as they basically become the face of the brand. Just a simple logo of the developer or publisher on the game box or art can make people consider purchasing the game because it also becomes a mark of quality. Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar Games, is after keeping their’s brands identity after Remedy reveals their new logo.

Remedy’s new logo was filed around April of 2023, so it is fairly recent compared to Rockstar’s own. Although similarities between Rockstar’s and Remedy’s logos are barely in the front, Take-Two is pointing at the slight tilt of the letter R, and the font is very similar to Rockstar’s. As you all know, Remedy did some work under Rockstar’s roof with the Max Payne and Alan Wake series, therefore they are very close to Rockstar in some ways. And for the letter R, unfortunately, it is not a coincidence that these two companies start with the same letter.

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It is very odd that both of the companies agreed upon bringing the first two Max Payne games in very high quality by working together for a complete overhaul of the series. But Take-Two, once again, dives deep into the matter and causes a lot of trouble for both parties included. Rockstar themselves are usually a fair company with their decisions, but if they happen to make a harsh decision or employ a new scheme to their current schedule, it is mostly a move made by Take-Two instead.

The current dispute between Take-Two and Remedy over the logo similarity is unknown as Take-Two has only applied for a trademark infringement over the logo for the UK’s International Property Office. It is most likely to be a dropped case due to Remedy’s statements made on their website about the logo. Thomas Puha, the Communications Director, says that Remedy has become more than a studio working with another studio, they have brought new games to the market and they want to become more independent, therefore their logo seems to be in a good spot.

In a good spirit, the debate just ends with an arrangement made between two parties. But Take-Two decided to drag on a bit more than usual, which might potentially lead to the cancelation of the remake of the beloved Max Payne series- again, this is the most unlikely scenario out there.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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