Respawn Entertainment Responds to Apex Legends Hacking Incident

So, there were some problems with the Easy Anti-Cheat provided for Apex Legends after all.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 20 Mar 2024

Last week, a North American Apex Legends Tournament was halted due to a sudden hacking incident. Two of the rivaling players suddenly were breached through the Easy Anti-Cheat software and given wallhacks and aim locks for a brief moment. Players who were affected suddenly informed everyone that they were being hacked and left the game before things got worse. The match then was halted until there was a change to the anti-cheat software.

Well, lucky us, Respawn Entertainment spoke on behalf of the incident, but seems like their intention was just to show that they are aware of the problems. In the announcement, they state game and player security is their top priority and they have improved their anti-cheat system to uphold the incoming attacks from outside. This update only affected the Apex Legends though, we are not sure if this also affects any other single or multiplayer game outside the Apex Legends that uses Easy Anti-Cheat software.

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Cheaters are becoming increasingly annoying to deal with as most of the multiplayer games opt to be free-to-play, giving more and more chances for cheaters to create accounts and try again. While some of the developers have found great ways to punish cheaters for their misdemeanors, most of the developers have band-aid fixes to deal with cheaters temporarily.

Unless Respawn, or Electronic Arts, hasn’t come up with a solid, unbreakable plan, the cheaters will find and brute force their way to cheat again. Let’s hope the last update actually brought a proper fix for the whole Apex Legends community. For the North American Apex Legends Tournament, the organizers have the green light to continue the event, however, they are waiting for things to settle before starting the tournament once again.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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